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Darkhill Media

Darkhill Media is a specialist communications consultancy focusing on clients in finance, the City, accountancy and learning & development. At Darkhill we can help you with all of your media and publishing. Whether the project is

• a one-off special, including white papers

• a regular publication

• annuals such as directories or handbooks

Darkhill has the writing, sub-editing and publishing expertise.

At Darkhill we can offer consultancy on all aspects of publishing projects including the latest digital strategy and techniques.

We want to work with you to make your messages hit home. With their media knowledge, our team will offer advice on how to present your ideas and work with you to shape your story ensuring it is consistently told in a way that is relevant and engaging.

With a background in business-to-business media and contract publishing we always bring high standards of professional publishing and editorial expertise.

Darkhill Media was founded by Melanie Williams and Peter Williams following the successful sale of their previous business in late 2014.

Click here to see a few examples of recent articles we have written for clients.