Our work

Our work

We are already working with a range of clients including a leading City PR firm, the magazine of a professional association, a turnaround and management consultancy specialist and a US financial publisher. Services we can provide include:

Contract and specialist publishing

Marketing and PR

Consultancy: developing communication strategies plus providing people for publishing and editorial interim assignment

Content creation and provision: working across all communication channels print, digital, words and video

Darkhill Media can work with other media companies providing niche and expertise services for publishing assets that are undergoing transformation or require specialist input.

Darkhill Media can work alongside other media and publishing partners providing seamless ‘vanilla’ services to their clients providing extra resources as required.

The team

With its extensive network of publishing, content and Darkhill Media can create interim consulting teams to work on specific projects which could be a one-off assignment or an ongoing project.

If you want to know more about our work and what we do for clients please call us on 020 8995 8510 or email Peter