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We are already working with a range of clients including a leading City PR firm, the magazine of a professional association, a turnaround and management consultancy specialist and a US financial publisher.

Services we can provide include:

Darkhill Media can work with other media companies providing niche and expertise services for publishing assets that are undergoing transformation or require specialist input.

Darkhill Media can work alongside other media and publishing partners providing seamless ‘vanilla’ services to their clients and providing extra resources as required.

Darkhill Media can create interim consulting teams to work on specific projects which could be a one-off assignment or an ongoing project.

If you want to know more about our work and what we do for clients please contact us by emailing Melanie or phoning us on 020 8995 8510.

Contract and specialist publishing

Communicating your message to the right people is an essential part of your business. Whether you want to speak to your customers, your staff, your members or your industry we have a range of options to help you.
We will work with you to produce your digital edition and hard copy. Each project is individually tailored to your requirements and delivered to the highest possible standards. We work with highly skilled journalists and designers to make sure you get exactly the publication or website you want within your budget.

Marketing and PR

Whether it is a one-off assignment or an ongoing campaign Darkhill Media can bring its knowledge and experience to help deliver PR and marketing campaigns. With a realistic assessment of what to do and how to do it, we work with clients to ensure their message is heard in the right places by the right people.


The marketing and PR landscape has changed immeasurably over the past few years. The digital revolution presents both challenges and opportunities for all organizations as they plan their communication strategy.
We have a wealth of publishing experience and can offer consultancy on all aspects of publishing, from editorial to advertising, from print to digital media. We also offer short-term interim management solutions to cover gaps in staff on a short term or long-term basis.

Content provision

Words matter. Having the right content for your audience is a key part of the communication strategy for any organisation.
The content – whether online or in print – has to reflect the values of the business and it has to be relevant for the readership. With many channels to market companies can think about the solutions – online or in print – and the type of content which will work best for them: news, feature, opinion, case study, and white papers. Different formats each have their own strengths and contribution to make.
It is possible to produce copy internally, but it is often more efficient and more cost effective to hire professional business writers who have an eye for the interesting story and the flair to produce the style and the substance which will really connect with the readership.
That requires knowledge of your company, the sector in which you work your key messages and an understanding of your audience.

And finally

We want to work with you to make those messages hit home. With years of media experience our team of writers will offer advice on how to present your ideas and work with you to shape the story ensuring it is told in a way that is relevant and engaging.

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